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Data Archiving
Data Conversion
Data Encryption
Tailored Applications

Data Archiving

Our data archiving tools provide high-yield archiving of huge data sets on audit approved media. A unique compression scheme and a dynamic data base design allow compression rates up to 98%. In most cases data sets are archived on CD ROM together with a tailored data retrieval program. Features like indexed data sets, full text search, free format queries and export functions allow a quick and low-effort audit. The standard platform is WINDOWS NT, others possible on request due to full C++ implementation.

SAP R/2 Archiving

A typical archiving project recently completed had the following results:

Success story details directly from our customers are available on request.

Spool File Archiving

Huge spool files (print files) and sequential files can be stored on CD in compressed mode together with a tailored retrieval program. The retrieval program typically provides the following functions:

Data Conversion

Our data conversion tools provide conversion of data from/to a great variety of data formats and representations (EBCDIC, packed, binary, ASCII delimited, DBF, SQL script, etc.). Our conversion tables enable a one-to-one conversion, i.e. back-converted data sets are identical to the originals. This allows the use of our conversion tools in data interfaces between different systems, e.g. mainframes and PCs.

Data Encryption

Our hardware-based data encryption system provides maximum security for storage and transmission of highly sensitive data. Encryption and decryption are performed in a separate device which is built in a small safe (cylindrical shape 16x16x6cm) and consists of two welded layers of stainless steel (outer 5mm, inner 4mm) according to our design. CAD, laser beam steel cutting technology, and Swiss GMP provide maximum precision. For maximum security it is recommended to sink the safe into a concrete structure using diamond drill service or leaving space when the concrete is poured. All versions are equipped with an alarm interface which gets off at any attempt to open the safe.

The encryption device communicates with the client workstation through the serial or parallel interface; no configuration changes of the workstation are required. The encryption system is designed to keep the encryption key ALWAYS in the safe. For special requirements it can be enhanced with a true random number generator, which is based on the TUNDRA 1210 chip and our unique converter which transforms the analogous random ticks of the 1210 into ASCII random numbers. This allows the generation of true random encryption seeds and/or the (ab-)use of this system as a true random generator for scientific and statistic research applications.

The encryption algorithm can be chosen by the client; we recommend the IDEA algorithm (subject to license by ASCOM).

If required, the encryption device can be equipped with a destruction mechanism (no electricity, chemicals, or explosives) which allows the destruction of the flash memory chip containing the key within fractions of seconds.

A separate, centrally managed key management program (strike list and challenge/response secured) allows the management of keys, users, and operating schedule.

Tailored Applications

In case off-the-shelf programs are not available and/or one or more of special techniques like compression, conversion, and/or encryption are required for a given problem we provide tailored applications (all done in-house, no freelancers or subcontractors). Recent examples:
  • Offshore Trust Information System
  • Accident Prevention Publication System
  • Real Estate Portfolio Management
  • Company Information and Annual Report Management System
  • Time and Billing (Time Management, Project Reporting, Invoicing)
Customer contacts for information are available on request.